4 thoughts on “Alternative Energy for Transportation

  1. Emil Mikhailoff

    The ideal clean and cheap fuel of the future is the Modified OxyHydrogen Gas (MHHO), discovered by Dr. Ryushin Ohmasa from Tokyo.
    His invention of vibro-agitated water electrolysis process, producing a stable gas, capable to be compressed, liquefied, filled and stored for years in CNG bottles at 100 bars and more, and burned as a single fuel in conventional engines, is maybe the greatest after the discovery of the fire.
    I am sure in 10-20 years all automobiles on earth will burn Ohmasa Gas. It will replace all other fuels.
    Development of the water electrolysis is very rapid for the recent years. Lots of new methods of modification were invented, leading to an extremely efficient process of HHO production, consuming very little electric energy. Our team has such a technology for HHO production with 0.8Wh/l. Also, we have inventions for photo-activated and infrasonic-activated electrolysis, similar to the Dr. Ohmasa’s method, producing modified, nano-bubbled HHO (MHHO). Based on this technology, we offer building of MHHO gas, power, heat and cold – generating Autonomous Plants, consuming only water as a fuel and evolving clean distilled water as a waste.
    More info, patent, videos, etc., can be seen on our website :

  2. Patrick lafreniere

    I stopped reading after you said, quote “in Japan, the cost of generating nuclear power is competitive with that of thermal power generation such as oilfired power plants. ” did you factor in the cost of fukushima daiichi?

  3. mansha brothers

    Very nice article. I would like to add that Conventional transportation technologies usually involve the use of fossil fuels for vehicle propulsion. Rising fuel prices are causing mainstream awareness and interest in alternative transportation technology. Many automobile companies are working hard to develop more sustainable vehicles in order to combat fuel costs and the harmful environmental effects of petroleum as a fuel source. The points you discussed here are simply awesome.

    Thanks for sharing.


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