A Virtual Lotioning Session

Laura Hyunjhee Kim

Created during post-pandemic lockdown that called for constant hand-washing and limited human-to-human contact, “A Virtual Lotioning Session” (Video, 3min 13sec, 2020) is about noticing and attending to one’s own body-to-body. Through an intimate yet public presentation of applying lotion to one’s own hand(s), the video performance positions self-care as a doubling act, one that is for others as much as it is for oneself. With a humorous spin on a daily ritual that is simultaneously mundane and absurdly sensual, an emollient-for-skin morphs into oil paint and a hand transforms into a “sensorial canvas,” waiting to be touched by all felt-experiences. As noted in the video, “Time to give your hand(s) some loving that only hugs your hand and no other human’s.”

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