Table of Contents

The Need for Geoengineering Research

Fall 2010


University futures; Science's influence; Can geoengineering be green?; Mineral reserves; Transforming conservation; Intelligent transportation; Personal health records

From the Hill

House approves bill to reform offshore oil drilling; Senate committee approves competitiveness bill; GAO investigates genetic test companies; House, Senate committees lay out plans for NASA's future; Federal science and technology in brief

Editor’s Journal: Goddam Humans

Kevin Finneran

Perspective: The Dismal State of Biofuels Policy

C. Ford Runge, Robbin S. Johnson

Perspective: Reinventing Technology Assessment

Richard E. Sclove

Is the Smart Grid Really a Smart Idea?

Marc Levinson

Where Are the Health Care Entrepreneurs?

David M. Cutler

The Need for Climate Engineering Research

Ken Caldeira, David W. Keith

Transforming Education in the Primary Years

Lisa Guernsey, Sara Mead

Strengthening Global Nuclear Governance

Justin Alger, Trevor Findlay

Nuclear Waste Disposal: Showdown at Yucca Mountain

Luther J. Carter, Lake H. Barrett, Kenneth C. Rogers

Book Review: Costly water

Martin W. Lewis

Bottled and Sold: The History Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water
, by 
Peter H. Gleick.

Book Review: Drug Kingpin

Henry I. Miller

Reputation and Power: Organizational Image and Pharmaceutical Regulation at the FDA
, by 
Daniel Carpenter.

Book Review: Technophilia’s big tent

Edward Tenner

What Technology Wants
, by 
Kevin Kelly.