Table of Contents

Making College Affordable

Summer 2010


Standards for synthetic biology; Girl power; To innovate, educate

From the Hill

House votes to reauthorize America COMPETES Act; Congress reconsiders rules on toxic substances; Bill proposes incentives for carbon capture and storage; Federal science and technology in brief

Perspective: Science’s Uncertain Authority in Policy

John Marburger

Perspective: Reassessing Conservation Goals in a Changing Climate

Alejandro E. Camacho, Holly Doremus, Jason S. McLachlan, Ben A. Minteer

Making College Affordable by Improving Aid Policy

Bridget Terry Long

Science and the Entrepreneurial University

Richard C. Atkinson, Patricia A. Pelfrey

Critical Minerals and Emerging Technologies

Roderick G. Eggert

Personal Health Records: Why Good Ideas Sometimes Languish

Amitai Etzioni

Pursuing Geoengineering for Atmospheric Restoration

Robert B. Jackson, James Salzman

Bringing U.S. Roads into the 21st Century

Stephen Ezell

Book Review: A cell’s life

Norman Fost

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
, by 
Rebecca Skloot.

Book Review: Futurama

Martin Wachs

Reinventing the Automobile: Personal Urban Mobility for the 21st Century
, by 
William J. Mitchell, Christopher E. Borroni-Bird, and Lawrence D. Burns.

Book Review: Tracking E-health

Edward H. Shortliffe

Digital Medicine: Health Care in the Internet Era
, by 
Darrell M. West and Edward Alan Miller.