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Health Care Touchstones: Cost and Quality

Spring 2008


Science in the developing world; Dealing with disability; Gone fishing; Innovation in poor countries; Racial disparities at birth; Energy in all directions; Bipartisan environmentalism; Open access; Freedom of speech

From the Hill

Bush proposes 3.3% increase in FY 2009 R&D budget; Energy bill boosting CAFE standards approved; Report faults food-safety agency; Oil lease sales begin despite polar bear concerns; EPA denies California emissions waiver; Climate change bills advance in Senate; EPA launches nanotechnology program

Perspective: A New System for Preventing Bridge Collapses

George C. Lee, Ernest Sternberg

Perspective: The R&D Future of Intelligence

Bruce Berkowitz

The U.S. intelligence community faces a changing landscape. Here is a blueprint for how it can best harness the potential of technology. One key: foster risk-taking.

Asian Successes vs. Middle Eastern Failures: The Role of Technology Transfer in Economic Development

Howard Pack

The differences between the two regions in their openness to trade, investment, and new ideas could not be more striking, nor could the economic consequences be more stark.

Time to Act on Health Care Costs

Peter Orszag

Near-term changes to the consumer and provider sides of health care financing are essential to prevent the nation from being overwhelmed by rapidly rising health care expenditures.

Learning to Deliver Better Health Care

Elliott S. Fisher

Rigorous study of the most effective ways to deliver care as well as what care works best can result in not only better treatment but also significant cost savings.

From Medical Malpractice to Quality Assurance

Frank Sloan, Lindsey Chepke

A properly designed malpractice insurance system could actually decrease the prevalence of errors and enhance the overall level of care.

Animal Migration: An Endangered Phenomenon?

David S. Wilcove

Timely international action can sustain this inspiring natural process before it becomes a crisis.

Strengthening Nuclear Safeguards

Charles D. Ferguson

Urgent action is needed to shore up the ability of the International Atomic Energy Agency to detect nuclear weapons programs and safeguard peaceful nuclear programs.

Book Review: Can the bomb be banned?

Jonathan B. Tucker

The Seventh Decade: The New Shape of Nuclear Danger
, by 
Jonathan Schell.

Book Review: Environmental stalemate?

DeWitt John

American Environmental Policy 1990–2006: Beyond Gridlock
, by 
Christopher McGrory Klyza and David Sousa.