Table of Contents

New Visions for National Security

Fall 2006


From the Hill

Bush vetoes stem cell research bill; House challenge to climate change research fizzles; Bills target attacks by animal rights activists; Bills to boost competitiveness advance; Committee backs funding for new energy technologies

Editor’s Journal: The False Promise of the Scientist ex Machina

Kevin Finneran

Perspective: A New Science Degree to Meet Industry Needs

Michael S. Teitelbaum

Perspective: Preventing Catastrophic Chemical Attacks

Lawrence M. Wein

Perspective: Ethics and Science: A 0.1% Solution

Michael Kalichman

The Shield and the Cloak

Gary Hart

Securing Life Sciences Research in an Age of Terrorism

Ronald M. Atlas

Nuclear Deterrence for the Future

Thomas C. Schelling

From Brain Drain to Mutual Gain: Sharing the Benefits of High-Skill Migration

David M. Hart

From Energy Wish Lists to Technological Realities

Robert W. Fri

Glide Path to Irrelevance: Federal Funding for Aeronautics

Todd Watkins, Alan Schriesheim, Stephen Merrill

Reorienting U.S. Drug Policy

Jonathan P. Caulkins, Peter Reuter

Book Review: From tubes to chips

Kenneth Flamm

Making Silicon Valley— Innovation and the Growth of High Tech, 1930-70
, by 
Christophe Lecuyer.

Book Review: Just say no to tech determinism

Edward Tenner

Technology Matters: Questions to Live With
, by 
David E. Nye.

Book Review: Chemical weapons

Jez Littlewood

War of Nerves: Chemical Warfare from World War I to Al-Qaeda
, by 
Jonathan B. Tucker.