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Energy Conundrums

Summer 2006


From the Hill

Regulatory regime for greenhouse gases discussed; Effectiveness of Project Bioshield examined; Senate bill would raise H-1B visa quotas; Congress attempts to rein in earmarks

Perspective: Let Engineers Go to College

C. Judson King

A Healthy Mind for a Healthy Population

Mary Jane England, Ann E. K. Page

The U.S. health care system must pay more attention to providing quality care to people with mental problems or substance-use conditions.

Energy Conundrums: New Nukes

Richard K. Lester

The Bush administration's plan to use fuel reprocessing as the spark to revive nuclear power will not succeed. Only centralized interim waste storage can make a difference in the near term.

Energy Conundrums: Nuclear Waste and the Distant Future

Per F. Peterson, William E. Kastenberg, Michael Corradini

Regulation of nuclear hazards must be consistent with rules governing other hazardous materials and must balance its risks against those linked to other energy sources.

Energy Conundrums: Power Play: A More Reliable U.S. Electric System

Jay Apt, Lester B. Lave, M. Granger Morgan

U.S. utilities have a lot to learn about avoiding power outages. They can benefit from the experience of foreign utilities, other U.S. industries, and even their own nuclear power plants.

Energy Conundrums: Natural Gas: The Next Energy Crisis?

Gary J. Schmitt

The United States has long been "addicted" to foreign oil. But we now risk becoming dependent on foreign natural gas as well.

Energy Conundrums: The Myth of Energy Insecurity

Philip E. Auerswald

Increasing oil imports do not pose a threat to long-term U.S. national security.

The Pentagon’s Defense Review: Not Ready for Prime Time

Andrew F. Krepinevich Jr.

The quadrennial review fails to realign the military to defend against new threats or reorder funding priorities to meet those threats.

DEE-FENSE! DEE-FENSE!: Preparing for Pandemic Flu

Henry I. Miller

Federal research, economic incentives for industry, and a more responsive regulatory regime will all be necessary to produce a timely and widely available vaccine.

Book Review: Containing the fire

Kevin Finneran

American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of Robert Oppenheimer
, by 
Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin.