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New Horizons for a Flat World

Winter 2006


From the Hill

White House unveils pandemic flu plan; Senate delays action on bill to ease stem cell research restrictions; Senators urge U.S. to return to climate change talks; House votes to revamp Endangered Species Act

Editor’s Journal

Kevin Finneran

A Green Approach to Tax Reform

Craig Hanson

The Kyoto Placebo

Ruth Greenspan Bell

Rethinking, Then Rebuilding New Orleans

Richard E. Sparks

This time around, science should contribute to a systemic long-term plan that will better accommodate the natural forces that shape the Mississippi Delta.

Restoring Rivers

Margaret A. Palmer, J. David Allan

The work has begun, but we have yet to determine what works best.

Yes, in My Backyard: Distributed Electric Power

Richard Munson

Will Government Programs Spur the Next Breakthrough?

Vernon W. Ruttan

Economy-changing technologies often originated in government research. Are today's federal programs sufficiently ambitious to catalyze the next big thing?

Is the Next Economy Taking Shape?

Robert D. Atkinson

A Forgotten Model for Purposeful Science

Richard J. Green, Wil Lepkowski

Collaborative Advantage

Leonard Lynn, Hal Salzman

Real Numbers: Brain Mobility

Book Review: Stranger in a strange land

Julie L. Lockwood

Out of Eden: An Odyssey of Ecological Invasion
, by 
Alan Burdick.

Book Review: Racing to the top

Catherine L. Mann

The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century
, by 
Thomas Friedman.

Book Review: Scientizing politics

Daniel Sarewitz

The Republican War on Science
, by 
Chris Mooney.

Book Review: Bad fiction, worse science

Alan Miller

State of Fear
, by 
Michael Crichton.