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Computing Solutions to Airline Safety and Other Policy Dilemmas

Winter 2005


From the Hill

Federal R&D spending to rise by 4.8 percent; defense dominates; Federal S&T appointees must be impartial and independent, report says; House, Senate examine ways of creating stable vaccine supply; McCain continues push for climate change legislation

Editor’s Journal: Postdoctoral Training and Intelligent Design

Kevin Finneran

If we want to attract the best students to science and nurture their talent most effectively, we need to rethink the current system.

Unleashing the Potential of Wireless Broadband

Reed E. Hundt

Over-the-air TV broadcasting is an obstacle to the faster growth of technologies and services that could produce great economic and social benefits.

Economics, Computer Science, and Policy

Michael Kearns

Cross-fertilization of ideas and techniques between economics and computer science is yielding fresh insights that can help inform policy decisions.

Managing the Triple Helix in the Life Sciences

Eric G. Campbell, Greg Koski, Darren E. Zinner, David Blumenthal

Preventing a Nuclear 9/11

Matthew Bunn


A New System for Moving Drugs to Market

Raymond L. Woosley, Glenn Rice

Today's system for developing and approving drugs is fundamentally flawed. Fixing it will require new technological tools and new regulatory approaches.


No Country Left Behind

Rodger W . Bybee, Elizabeth Stage

Agricultural Biotechnology: Overregulated and Underappreciated

Henry I. Miller, Gregory Conko

The pursuit of an integrated action plan, including regulatory reform, will help the United States and the world reap enormous benefits that now are thwarted.

Real Numbers: Underage drinking

Mary Ellen O'Connell

Book Review: The Constitution versus security

Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker

Terrorism, Freedom and Security: Winning Without War
, by 
Philip B. Heymann.

Book Review: Global challenge

Martin W. Lewis

The New Consumers: The Influence of Affluence on the Environment
, by 
Norman Meyers and Jennifer Kent.

Book Review: Internet for all

Marjory S. Blumenthal

Digital Nation: Toward an Inclusive Information Society
, by 
Anthony G. Wilhelm.