Table of Contents

Ocean Policy: Time to Act

Fall 2004


From the Hill

Nondefense R&D budgets face major squeeze; DHS relaxes visa policy on foreign students and scientists; House restricts NIH travel and research


Editor’s Journal: Just Say Yes to Drug Trial Information

Kevin Finneran

Forget Politicizing Science. Let’s Democratize Science!

David H. Guston

Improving Health in Developing Countries

Michael Csaszar, Bhavya Lal

Precollege Science Teachers Need Better Training

John Payne

Saving the Oceans

Carl Safina, Sarah Chasis

Sink or Swim Time for U.S. Fishery Policy

James N. Sanchirico, Susan S. Hanna


Science, Politics, and U.S. Democracy

Lewis M. Branscomb

Small Combat Ships and the Future of the Navy

Robert O. Work

Building a Transatlantic Biotech Partnership

Nigel Purvis

Meeting the New Challenge to U.S. Economic Competitiveness

William B. Bonvillian

Protecting Public Anonymity

M. Granger Morgan, Elaine Newton

Book Review: Ain’t it hard?

Kathleen Courrier

The Working Poor: Invisible in America
, by 
David K. Shipler.

Book Review: Where’s Oppie?

William Lanouette

Oppenheimer: Portrait of an Enigma
, by 
Jeremy Bernstein.