Table of Contents

Saving America’s Coral Reefs

Winter 2004


From the Hill

Establishing a Bureau of Environmental Statistics

H. Spencer Banzhaf

More data collection and analysis would greatly enhance our ability to set policy and measure its effectiveness.

A Sustainable Rationale for Human Spaceflight

John M. Logsdon

An appeal to national pride could provide the basis for a new program of solar system exploration.

America’s Coral Reefs: Awash with Problems

Tundi Agardy

Youth, Pornography, and the Internet

Dick Thornburgh, Herbert Lin

Although technology and public policy can help, social and educational strategies are the key to protecting children.

Breeding Sanity into the GM Food Debate

Jerry Cayford

Viral Trade and Global Public Health

Laura H. Kahn

Clean Air and the Politics of Coal

DeWitt John, Lee Paddock

Practical Climate Change Policy

Richard B. Stewart, Jonathan B. Wiener

A sensible middle-of-the-road alternative exists between the defective Kyoto Protocol and do-nothing policy.

New Challenges for U.S. Semiconductor Industry

William J. Spencer

With many nations taking action to strengthen high-tech industry, the United States should take steps to maintain its critical leadership.

Book Review: Society’s glue

Barbara Boyle Torrey

The Economic Implications of Social Cohesion
, by 
Lars Osberg, ed..

Book Review: Saving species

Niles Eldredge

Win-Win Ecology: How the Earth's Species Can Survive in the Midst Of Human Enterprise
, by 
Michael L. Rosenzweig.

Book Review: Feeding the world

Vaclav Smil

Ending Hunger in Our Lifetime: Food Security and Globalization
, by 
C. Ford Runge, Benjamin Senauer, Philip G. Pardey, and Mark W. Rosegrant.