Table of Contents

Flaws In Forensic Science

Fall 2003


From the Hill

Editor’s Journal: Prime Time Science

Kevin Finneran

Humanities for Policy—and a Policy for the Humanities

Robert Frodeman, Carl Mitcham, Roger Pielke Jr.

Assessing Forensic Science

Donald Kennedy, Richard A. Merrill

A House with No Foundation

D. Michael Risinger, Michael J. Saks

The Limits of the Polygraph

David L. Faigman, Stephen E. Fienberg, Paul C. Stern

Fingerprints: Not a Gold Standard

Jennifer L. Mnookin

Crime Labs Need Improvement

Paul C. Giannelli

Forging a Science-Based National Forest Fire Policy

Jerry F. Franklin, James K. Agee

Securing U.S. Radioactive Sources

Charles D. Ferguson, Joel O. Lubenau

Oil in the Sea

Nancy Rabalais

Real Numbers: University-Related Research Parks

Albert N. Link

Book Review: New Economy Lite

Kenneth Flamm

The New Economy: What It Is, How It Happened, and Why It Is Likely to Last
, by 
Roger Alcaly.

Book Review: End of the world?

Robert L. Park

Our Final Hour: How Terror, Error, and Environmental Disaster Threaten Humankind’s Future in this Century, On Earth and Beyond
, by 
Martin Rees.