Table of Contents

Caught in Traffic

Fall 2002


From the Hill


Editor’s Journal: Science Advice or Political Cover?

Kevin Finneran

A Fair Deal for Federal Research at Universities

Arthur Bienenstock

Universities are not adequately reimbursed for the indirect costs of research; a joint effort is needed to balance the books.

Are All Market-Based Environmental Regulations Equal?

Ian W. H. Parry

Fighting Traffic Congestion with Information Technology

Martin Wachs

Countering Sprawl with Transit-Oriented Development

Dena Belzer, Gerald Autler

The Developing World’s Motorization Challenge

Daniel Sperling, Eileen Clausen

Soaring personal vehicle use is producing great benefits but also potentially enormous costs.

Paying for Protection from Invasive Species

Peter T. Jenkins

The Perils of Groundwater Pumping

Robert Glennon

Real Numbers: Public Views of Science Issues

Barry Bozeman

Book Review: Food fights

Julia A. Moore

Travels in the Genetically Modified Zone
, by 
Mark L. Winston.

Book Review: The politics of fire

Roger A. Sedjo

Flames in Our Forests: Disaster or Renewal
, by 
Stephen F. Arno and Steven Allison-Bunnell.

Book Review: Science and society

Dale Jamieson

Science, Truth, and Democracy
, by 
Philip Kitcher.

Book Review: Science and security

Richard E. Bissell

Tuxedo Park
, by 
Jennet Conant.