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What’s New about the New Economy

Fall 2001


From the Hill

New limits on funding of stem cell research questioned; House considers bill to strengthen science at EPA; FY 2002 R&D funding outcome unclear as budget surplus disappears


Editor’s Journal: The Info/Biotech Connection

Kevin Finneran

From Genomics and Informatics to Medical Practice

Samuel C. Silverstein

U.S. Economic Growth in the Information Age

Dale W. Jorgenson

The Skills Imperative: Talent and U.S. Competitiveness

Deborah Van Opstal

The Advanced Technology Program: It Works

Charles W. Wessner

Repositioning the Advanced Technology Program

Glenn R. Fong

Striking a New Deal on Climate Change

Richard E. Benedick

A New Approach to Managing Fisheries

Robert Repetto

Improving U.S.-Russian Nuclear Cooperation

Kenneth N. Luongo

Book Review: NetPolicy.Com

Marjory S. Blumenthal

, by 
Leslie David Simon.