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The Action Begins for the New Administration

Spring 2001


From the Hill

Bush budget outline leaves little room for research spending increases; Key unresolved science issues to be revived in 107th Congress; Administration puts new medical privacy rules on hold; Boehlert is new chair of House Science Committee


Editor’s Journal: Where’s the Science?

Kevin Finneran

The administration is rushing into action before appointing the science and technology officials who should be participating in critical decisions.

A Science and Technology Policy Focus for the Bush Administration

David H. Guston, E. J. Woodhouse, Daniel Sarewitz

Integrate social goals into the research mission and give the public a stronger voice in setting directions.

Just Say Wait to Space Power

John M. Logsdon

Pressure is building for greater military use of space, but no action should be taken without a broad public discussion.

The New Three R’s: Reinvestment, Reinvention, Responsibility

Joseph I. Lieberman

Money, creativity, and accountability are all essential to develop the high-quality schools and teachers we will need in the new century.

Searching for a National Energy Policy

John P. Holdren

The answers will be found in improved technologies and incentives to use them, not in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

A Short Honeymoon for Utility Deregulation

Peter Fox-Penner, Greg Basheda

The California crisis shook public faith in restructuring, but that path is still the best route to follow.

Science and Economics Prominent on EPA Agenda

Steven Gibb

Expertise can be a critical force if it can keep ideology in check.

Transforming Environmental Regulation

Richard A. Minard Jr.

New, more flexible approaches show great promise, but barriers remain.

Bolstering Private-Sector Environmental Management

Cary Coglianese, Jennifer Nash

Environmental management systems can be a valuable complement to but not a substitute for traditional regulation.

Addiction Is a Brain Disease

Alan I. Leshner

Greater progress will be made against drug abuse when our strategies reflect the full complexities of the latest scientific understanding.

Is Arms Control Dead?

Jack Mendelsohn

The drive for national missile defense could cripple almost a half-century of efforts to control and reduce nuclear arms.

Book Review: Worrying efficiently

Barbara Boyle Torrey

The Ingenuity Gap
, by 
Thomas Homer-Dixon.

Book Review: Constructing reality bit by bit

John Leslie King

Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace
, by 
Lawrence Lessig.