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Transportation Safety

Winter 2001


Editor’s Journal: Research Reconsidered

Kevin Finneran

From the Hill

FY 2001 will be a banner year for federal research programs; NIH issues guidelines for human stem cell research; Funding for troubled laser facility approved; Senate approves bill to expand S&T spending, but House balks; Glenn commission calls for math and science education overhaul; Bid to improve math and science education programs fails

Filling the Policy Vacuum Created by OTA’s Demise

Daryl E. Chubin

Expanding the Mission of State Economic Development

Barry Bozeman

State technology programs need to extend their reach to give more people the skills needed for the new economy.

Information Warfare: Time to Prepare

Bruce Berkowitz

Just Say No to Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets

Frank N. Laird


Robert E. Skinner Jr.

Using Safety Labels to Make Cars Safer

M. Granger Morgan

Providing buyers with an overall assessment of a vehicle's crashworthiness would prod manufacturers to make better cars.

Civilizing the Sport Utility Vehicle

John D. Graham

Too Old to Drive?

A. James McKnight

Auto Safety and Human Adaptation

Alison Smiley

The effectiveness of new high-tech auto safety devices will depend on how drivers use them.

Improving Air Safety: Long-Term Challenges

Clinton V. Oster Jr., John S. Strong, C. Kurt Zorn

Aviation industry growth and change will likely result in safety threats different from those of the past.

Real Numbers: Past Progress, Future Problems

Book Review: Voodoo science

Rick Borchelt

Voodoo Science: The Road from Foolishness to Fraud
, by 
Robert Park.

Book Review: Public health crisis

Christopher P. Howson

Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health
, by 
Laurie Garrett.