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Climate Change: Where Do We Go From Here?

Spring 1998


The Long Road to Increased Science Funding

Phil Gramm, Joseph I. Lieberman, Pete V. Domenici, Jeff Bingaman

Determined effort by scientists and engineers will be needed to keep federal support on its upward trajectory.

From the Hill


Editor’s Journal: The Two Cultures Revisited

Kevin Finneran

Let's try again to close the gap between the sciences and the humanities.

Scorched-Earth Fishing

Carl Safina

The use of new fish-trawling gear is doing incalculable damage to the seabed, destroying essential habitat for marine life.

Patented Genes: An Ethical Appraisal

Mark Sagoff

Intellectual property can be protected without any implication that anyone has invented or now owns a product of nature.

Patent Nonsense

Skip Kaltenheuser

A proposed patent reform bill could undermine U.S. innovation by giving big companies an advantage over independent inventors and universities.

Extending Manufacturing Extension

Philip Shapira

The time has come to refine and strengthen the successful federal program to help small companies tap new technology.

Unleashing Innovation in Electricity Generation

Richard Munson, Tina Kaarsberg

Removing the barriers to competition is essential to remaking an outdated system.

Kyoto and Beyond

Robert M. White

Future actions in response to the threat of climate change should emphasize adaptation and new energy technology.

Implementing the Kyoto Protocol

Rob Coppock

The current plan to execute the Kyoto Protocol will waste vast sums of money for little environmental gain. A smarter, longer-term implementation plan will reduce global warming more effectively and efficiently.

The Least-Cost Way to Control Climate Change

Byron Swift

Emissions trading between companies and countries provides a cost-effective means of achieving the Kyoto Protocol's goals.

Book Review: Wake-up call for academia

William W. May

Academic Duty
, by 
Donald Kennedy.

Book Review: Rethinking pesticide use

Fred L. Gould

Nature Wars: People vs. Pests
, by 
Mark L. Winston.

Book Review: Cloning news

Robert Cook-Deegan

Clone: The Road to Dolly, and the Path Ahead
, by 
Gina Kolata.