Table of Contents

The U.S. Fusion Program at the Crossroads

Summer 1997



From the Hill

An Investment Budget

George E. Brown Jr.

The federal budget should put special emphasis on spending that contributes to the long-term strength of the nation.

Social Change and Science Policy

Daniel Sarewitz

Closer links among science, social goals, and democratic processes are essential to the future health of science and society.

Biological Invasions: A Growing Threat

Don C. Schmitz, Daniel Simberloff

An army of invasive plant and animal species is overrunning the United States, causing incalcuable economic and ecological costs.

Missing the Boat on Pregnancy Prevention

Carol J. Rowland Hogue

Teenage pregnancy grabs the headlines, but most unintended and unwanted pregnancies occur among adults.

Engaging an Independent Japan

George R. Heaton Jr.

New directions in Japanese policies will dramatically expand domestic R&D; if it adapts, the United States can benefit.

The ITER Decision and U.S. Fusion R&D

Weston M. Stacey

To keep pace with the cutting edge of fusion research, the United States must participate in the planned international research reactor.

Fusion Research with a Future

Robert L. Hirsch, Gerald Kulcinski, Ramy Shanny

It's time for the U.S. program to abandon its dead-end focus and to explore alternative paths to practical fusion power.

Time to Get Serious About Workplace Change

Kenan Patrick Jarboe, Joel Yudken

Big productivity increases are possible for companies switching to high-performance work systems; government can aid the transition.

Roundtable: Infant Care and Child Development

Editor’s Journal: Straight Talk

Kevin Finneran

Which of the following does not belong? a) firebrands b) visionaries c) opinion leaders d) S&T policy wonks

Book Review: Technology and growth

Jane Sneddon Little

The Sources of Economic Growth
, by 
Richard R. Nelson.

Book Review: AIDS and objectivity

Eric A. Feldman

Impure Science: AIDS, Activism, and the Politics of Knowledge
, by 
Steven Epstein.

Book Review: University rankings revisited

Robert M. Rosenzweig

The Rise of American Research Universities
, by 
Hugh Davis Graham and Nancy Diamond.