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Where is Information Technology Taking Us?

Spring 1997



From the Hill

President proposes 2.2 percent boost in R&D budget; Gramm bill would double R&D funding; Russian delay on space station causing alarm; Biennial budget urged.

Editor’s Journal: Is Anybody Listening?

Kevin Finneran

The real action begins after an article is published in Issues.

A Fresh Approach to Immigration

Alan Fechter, Michael S. Teitelbaum

Federal policy should be fine-tuned to respond to the particular conditions of scientists and engineers.

Don’t Look Back: Science Funding for the Future

Philip M. Smith, Michael McGeary

Evolving national priorities and a tight budget necessitate a new approach to federal spending.

From Technology Politics to Technology Policy

Lewis M. Branscomb

The nation needs--and can have--a multifaceted bipartisan policy to promote innovation.

Fixing the National Laboratory System

Charles B. Curtis, John P. McTague, David W. Cheney

Having reviewed the recommendations of outsiders, the Department of Energy responds with a plan of action.

A New Business Agenda for Improving U.S. Schools

Norman R. Augustine

Global Telecommunications Rules: The Race with Technology

Cynthia Beltz

New services and capabilities are undermining the old monopolistic regime; to be relevant, international rule-makers must get in step.

Roundtable: The Future of Computing and Telecommunications

Ten years from now, will we still say that we have been driven by the reckless pace of innovation? -David Clark

Forging a Path to a Post-Nuclear U.S. Military

Andrew F. Krepinevich Jr.

The increasing effectiveness of U.S. conventional weapons is making large cuts in the U.S. nuclear arsenal possible.

Book Review: Insight on the Inner City

Sheldon Danziger

When Work Disappears: The World of the New Urban Poor
, by 
William Julius Wilson.

Book Review: Raising expectations

George Campbell Jr.

Aptitude Revisited: Rethinking Math and Science Education for America's Next Century
, by 
David E. Drew.

Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission