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Perspective: Toward a Common Wireless Market

This article is in Economic Stimulus, Winter 2012

Imagine a world where you can buy a mobile phone, and if you have problems with service—say, poor reception at home—you can move to a different service provider that offers better reception simply by making a call and asking for service to be transferred. No need to change your phone; no need to figure out […]

RIP: The Basic/Applied Research Dichotomy

This article is in Science in the Gilded Age and the Birth of NAS, Winter 2013

Terminology that does not reflect the rich connectivity and interaction of many types of research is a barrier to developing policies built on the realities of science and technology. U.S. science policy since World War II has in large measure been driven by Vannevar Bush’s famous paper Science—The Endless Frontier. Bush’s separation of research into […]


This article is in The Online Challenge to Higher Education, Summer 2013

Smarter health care Robert Saunders and Mark D. Smith (“The Path to Continuously Learning Health Care,” Issues, Spring 2013) describe a path for building a smart health care system that provides care at a lower cost. Their vision is akin to the “learning health care system,” defined by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) as a […]

The Road to a New Energy System: Transforming Energy Innovation

This article is in The Road to a New Energy System, Fall 2009

Developing desperately needed new energy technologies will require not only an increase in funds but also a rethinking of the way government programs are designed and managed. The United States must change the way it produces and uses energy by shifting away from its dependence on imported oil and coal-fired electricity and by increasing the […]


This article is in New Visions for National Security, Fall 2006

Natural gas crisis? Gary J. Schmitt’s “Natural Gas: The Next Energy Crisis?” (Issues, Summer 2006) examines a topic that deserves more attention than it has received. Although rising oil prices have preoccupied the U.S. public and policymakers, we are in the midst of a natural gas crunch that is at least as serious. Natural gas, […]