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The Energy Rebound Battle

This article is in Climate and Energy, Summer 2017

An embattled economist’s research shows that energy efficiency can’t solve climate change. But it is an important contributor to human progress. In the early 1990s, the resource economist Harry Saunders started asking hard questions about energy efficiency programs. Climate change at that time had only recently come to wide public attention. But already, dramatic improvements […]


This article is in Health Care That's Not for Dummies, Spring 2013

Reaching the middle class In “Pathways to the Middle Class: Balancing Personal and Public Responsibilities” (Issues, Winter 2013), Isabel Sawhill, Scott Winship, and Kerry Searle Grannis present achievable early milestones sufficient for people to reach the middle class by middle age. They provide an instructive framework for understanding the circumstances that lead children and young […]