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Perspective: Using University Knowledge to Defend the Country

This article is in Better U.S. Health Care at Lower Cost, Winter 2010

Everyone understands that the United States will need new ideas to meet the threat of terrorism, and indeed, history shows the way. Seventy years ago, the country’s scholars ransacked their respective disciplines for the ideas that won World War II. Academic ideas continued to produce key technologies, including hydrogen bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles, well […]


This article is in Making College Affordable, Summer 2010

Standards for synthetic biology Jonathan B. Tucker is helping to track the emerging field of synthetic biology in writing “Double-Edged DNA: Preventing the Misuse of Gene Synthesis” (Issues, Spring 2010) in addition to his 2006 article coauthored with Raymond Zilinskas, “The Promise and Perils of Synthetic Biology” (The New Atlantis). Although the current article effectively […]