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This article is in The Global Battle over Biotech Foods, Fall 2000

Pest management “The Illusion of Integrated Pest Management” (Issues, Spring 2000) by Lester Ehler and Dale Bottrell raises some interesting points regarding the Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs, and deserves a response. In October 1998, USDA approved a working definition of IPM. First and foremost, we needed a definition that provided […]


This article is in Science and Foreign Policy, Summer 1999

Relieving traffic congestion In “Traffic Congestion: A Solvable Problem” (Issues, Spring 1999), Peter Samuel’s prescriptions for dealing with traffic congestion are both thought-provoking and insightful. There clearly is a need for more creative use of existing highway capacity, just as there continue to be justified demands for capacity improvements. Samuel’s ideas about how capacity might […]


This article is in Sen. Pete Domenici on the Future of Nuclear Technology, Winter 1997-1998

Cautious arms control William F. Burns’ “The Unfinished Work of Arms Control” (Issues, Fall 1997) summarizes the key points of one side of the debate over the role of nuclear weapons in the post-Cold War world. I believe that some of the measures Burns and others have advocated will have the unintended effect of increasing […]