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Implementing the Kyoto Protocol

This article is in Climate Change: Where Do We Go From Here?, Spring 1998

The current plan to execute the Kyoto Protocol will waste vast sums of money for little environmental gain. A smarter, longer-term implementation plan will reduce global warming more effectively and efficiently. The Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is an agreement of historic proportions. Finally, the world is treating global […]


This article is in The Action Begins for the New Administration, Spring 2001

OTA reconsidered While not arguing with the accuracy of Daryl E. Chubin’s view of the positive contributions of the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) (“Filling the Policy Vacuum Created by OTA’s Demise,” Issues, Winter 2000-01), I would point out that the article fails to deal with the fundamental problem that led to OTA’s demise. The […]