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Perspective: Avoiding Gridlock on Climate Change

This article is in Domestic Security Revisited, Winter 2007

With the Kyoto Protocol’s global process bogging down, a parallel strategy of smaller, focused negotiations to achieve partial solutions could put the world back on the right path. For the twelfth consecutive year, nearly 190 nations convened in November 2006, this time in Nairobi, to address the critical issue of climate change. Unfortunately, the atmosphere […]

Striking a New Deal on Climate Change

This article is in What’s New about the New Economy, Fall 2001

The Bonn accord has given the United States the leverage to rewrite its short-term obligations and to lead the way to a long-term energy revolution. Eight months after the international community’s startling failure in The Hague to agree on how to implement the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on climate change, some 180 national delegations, along with […]