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Rethinking the Social Cost of Carbon Dioxide

This article is in Climate and Energy, Summer 2017

The standard benefit-cost methodology that is used to calculate marginal costs of environmental regulations should not be used for long-lasting greenhouse gases. There is a very big difference between carbon dioxide and conventional air pollutants. Many of the health and ecological effects of conventional pollutants become apparent in days or a few years. Once emissions […]

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from International Transport

This article is in The Military of the Future, Winter 2014

International transport, which includes ocean shipping and aviation, is among the fastest-growing sources of human-generated greenhouse gas emissions. Between 2009 and 2010, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from international transport grew faster— I at 7 and 6.5%, respectively—than those from China, which grew by 6%. Although 2010 was a year of especially rapid growth as global […]