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This article is in Summit on Human Gene Editing, Spring 2016

Purposeful science In “Fact Check: Scientific Research in the National Interest Act” (Issues, Winter 2016), Congressman Lamar Smith critiques the concerns presented by Democrats, scientists, and a number of social science associations about his bill, H.R. 3293. As proposed, the bill confuses the nature of basic science and adds bureaucracy that would impose a layer […]

A New Business Agenda for Improving U.S. Schools

This article is in Where is Information Technology Taking Us?, Spring 1997

A decade of business involvement in public education has produced some sobering lessons-and a renewed commitment to change. For more than a decade, since the report A Nation at Risk warned of “a rising tide of mediocrity” in our public schools, members of the U.S business community have been actively engaged in multiple efforts to […]


This article is in The Military of the Future, Winter 2014

The new normal in science funding Daniel Howard and Frank Laird make the important point that history demonstrates the difficulty of increasing federal research support without a major national priority such as the space race, the cold war, or concern about the health of an aging population. Hence, the authors call for important shifts to […]