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Reconceptualizing Infrastructure in the Anthropocene

This article is in Preparing for the Next Flood, Spring 2018

The growing impact of human activities on all the Earth’s systems requires a concomitant change in the way we design and manage the built environment. A fundamental shift is afoot in the relationship between human and natural systems. It requires a new understanding of what we mean by infrastructure, and thus dramatic changes in the […]

Rethinking Infrastructure in an Era of Unprecedented Weather Events

This article is in Infrastructure for a Stormy Future, Winter 2018

A more integrated and systemic approach is needed to ensure the nation’s resilience in the face of a changing climate. The United States is at an infrastructural crossroads. First, the climate is changing faster than built infrastructure and the institutions that manage and maintain it. Recent extreme weather events highlight the precarious state of the […]

Perspective: Getting the Most Out of Electric Vehicle Subsidies

This article is in Social Science and Environmental Policy, Summer 2012

The electrification of passenger vehicles has the potential to address three of the most critical challenges of our time: Plug-in vehicles may produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions when powered by electricity instead of gasoline, depending on the electricity source; reduce and displace tailpipe emissions, which affect people and the environment; and reduce gasoline consumption, helping […]