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Book Review: Keeping the Lights On

This article is in Is Innovation China's Next Great Leap Forward?, Summer 2018

Modernizing America’s Electricity Infrastructure by Mason Willrich. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2017, 320 pp. In September 2017, two hurricanes struck the US island of Puerto Rico, crippling its electric power grid. Because Puerto Rico is a major manufacturing site for medical supplies, the nation’s hospitals soon developed acute shortages of the intravenous bags used to […]


This article is in The Road to a New Energy System, Fall 2009

Too few fish in the sea Carl Safina’s review of how traditional fisheries management strategies have failed both the fish and the fishermen is right on target, as are his recommendations for new management strategies (“A Future for U.S. Fisheries,” Issues, Summer 2009). But I encourage all of us who think about the ocean to […]