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Book Review: Drug use and control

This article is in Global Food Fight, Summer 2001

Drug use and control Forces of Habit: Drugs and the Making of the Modern World, by David T. Courtwright. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2001, 277 pp. Jonathan P. Caulkins Forces of Habit offers an ambitious interpretation of a challenging topic: the evolution of drug use and drug policy through time and across continents. Happily, […]


This article is in Ocean Policy: Time to Act, Fall 2004

Military transformation In his article “Completing the Transformation of U.S. Military Forces” (Issues, Summer 2004), S.J. Deitchman makes a strongcase for continuing the development and subsequent production of all of the advanced weapons (ships, planes, ground antimissile systems, new logistics ships, enhanced command/control/communication, etc.) currently under way. He then goes on to describe— again, with […]

Reorienting U.S. Drug Policy

This article is in New Visions for National Security, Fall 2006

The nature and extent of the illegal drug problems in the United States have fundamentally changed during the past two decades; now policy needs to change as well. The United States will soon surpass the half-million mark for drug prisoners, which is more than 10 times as many as in 1980. It is an extraordinary […]

Eight Questions for Drug Policy Research

This article is in Social Science and Environmental Policy, Summer 2012

The current research agenda has only limited capacity to shrink the damage caused by drug abuse. Some promising alternative approaches could lead to improved results. Drug abuse—of licit and illicit drugs alike—is a big medical and social problem and attracts a substantial amount of research attention. But the most attractive and most easily fundable research […]