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Is Innovation China’s Next Great Leap Forward?

This article is in Is Innovation China's Next Great Leap Forward?, Summer 2018

The United States is the world’s innovation leader, but it can no longer take its premier position for granted. Innovation refers to the process of implementing new or improved technology and management practices that offer products and services with desirable performance at affordable cost. Innovation encompasses the entire pathway from early-stage idea creation through technology […]

A New Strategy to Spur Energy Innovation

This article is in Ending the Inertia on Energy Policy, Winter 2008

The ETC we propose here differs fundamentally from proposals sometimes advanced for a new Manhattan or Apollo project for energy. The Manhattan and Apollo projects had solely technological purposes: the former to produce a nuclear weapon, the latter to put a human on the moon. The government was the only user of the output, there […]


This article is in Affordable National Security, Summer 2011

The climate/security nexus Richard A. Matthew has published “Is Climate Change a National Security Issue?” (Issues, Spring 2011) at just the right time. I would answer his question with a resounding “yes”; however, his piece clarifies why the emerging field of analysis on the climate/security nexus is in need of fresh thinking. The critics Matthew […]