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Forging a Science-Based National Forest Fire Policy

This article is in Flaws In Forensic Science, Fall 2003

A comprehensive policy should consider all aspects of wildfire management, not just fuels and fire suppression. Large, intense forest fires, along with their causes and their consequences, have become important political and social issues. In the United States, however, there is no comprehensive policy to deal with fire and fuels and few indications that such […]

Forests Face New Threat: Global Market Changes

This article is in U.S. Forests: Facing New Global Market, Summer 2004

An overhaul of forest policy is needed to deal with the economic and environmental consequences of globalized production. For the past 100 years, U.S. forest policy has been guided by the assumption that the United States faced an ever-increasing scarcity of timber. Indeed, at times during the 20th century, there were fears of an impending […]