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Perspective: Self-Driving Cars: How Soon Is Soon Enough?

This article is in Is Innovation China's Next Great Leap Forward?, Summer 2018

Some observers tout autonomous (self-driving) vehicles by claiming that a computer is “simply a better driver than a human,” as a recent Time magazine article put it. This is not true now and may never be true. Safe driving, the kind carried out on a daily basis by millions of people, is a highly skilled […]

Electric Vehicles: Climate Saviors, or Not?

This article is in The Energy Transition, Winter 2017

Where electric vehicles are located and when they are recharged matters more than you might think. There are several reasons to support the growth of electric vehicles (EVs) worldwide, but one of the most compelling is its potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that emanate from petroleum-driven vehicles. Projections of the growth of EV use […]