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Make America Great Again

This article is in Infrastructure for a Stormy Future, Winter 2018

Investing in research, technology development, worker training, and modern technological infrastructure is the only prescription that will maintain the health of the US economy. The United States emerged from World War II as the dominant technology-driven economy in the world. For decades, virtually every major technology was developed and initially commercialized within the US economy […]

A Technology-Based Growth Policy

This article is in The Energy Transition, Winter 2017

Monetary and fiscal policies to stimulate the economy are no substitute for the national research and development investment needed to spur productivity growth and create high-paying, high-skill jobs. Talk to people in industry, academia, or government who are connected in some way with the advancement of science and technology and they will be able to […]


This article is in Preserving Biodiversity, Spring 1999

Strengthening U.S. competitiveness I very much enjoyed reading Debra van Opstal’s “The New Competitive Landscape” (Issues, Winter 1998-99). I and several of my colleagues are actively grappling with the problems of technological competitiveness, because we believe them to be so critical to our nation’s future. The issues are aptly described in van Opstal’s essay. I […]