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The Whys and Hows of Energy Taxes

This article is in Ending the Inertia on Energy Policy, Winter 2008

The 20th-century policy aimed at developing domestic energy sources no longer makes sense. The 21st century demands a fresh approach. Current federal energy tax policy is premised in large part on a desire to achieve energy independence by promoting domestic fossil fuel production. This, we argue, is a mistake. The policy also relies heavily on […]


This article is in The Continuing Problem of Nuclear Weapons, Spring 2006

New Orleans revival recipes In “Rethinking, Then Rebuilding New Orleans” (Issues, Winter 2006), Richard E. Sparks presents a commendable plan for rebuilding a limited and more disaster-resistant New Orleans by protecting the historic city core and retreating from the lowest ground, which was most severely damaged after Katrina. This is an admirable plan, but one […]