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Needed: A National Center for Biological Invasions

This article is in Global Food Fight, Summer 2001

A new coordinating body is essential to the success of nonindigenous species prevention and management efforts. Introduced organisms are the second greatest cause, after habitat destruction, of species endangerment and extinction worldwide. In the United States, nonindigenous species do more than $130 billion a year in damage to agriculture, forests, rangelands, and fisheries, as estimated […]

Biological Invasions: A Growing Threat

This article is in The U.S. Fusion Program at the Crossroads, Summer 1997

An army of invasive plant and animal species is overrunning the United States, causing incalcuable economic and ecological costs. To the untrained eye, Everglades National Park and nearby protected areas in Florida appear wild and natural. Yet within such public lands, foreign plant and animal species are rapidly degrading these unique ecosystems. Invasive exotic species […]


This article is in Limiting the Tools of War, Spring 2003

Climate research As an old-timer in the climate policy arena, I applaud the article by Roger Pielke, Jr., and Daniel Sarewitz (“Wanted: Scientific Leadership on Climate,” Issues, Winter 2002-03). For the past decade, I have maintained that climate change research must follow the guiding principle that we shall have to live with uncertainty. The details […]