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Toward a Responsible Solar Geoengineering Research Program

This article is in Climate Engineering, Spring 2017

The seriousness of the risks posed by climate change demands that we examine all possible means of response, but how we do so makes all the difference. A combination of greenhouse-gas emission cuts and solar geoengineering could keep temperatures under the 1.5-degree aspirational target of the recent Paris Agreement. It could make the world cooler […]

Promoting Low-Carbon Electricity Production

This article is in Seeing Through Preconceptions: A Deeper Look at China and India, Spring 2007

To encourage utilities to emit less carbon dioxide, the government should implement—soon—a carbon portfolio standard with predictable requirements and guarantee loans for building advanced generating facilities. The electric power industry is the single largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the United States, accounting for 40% of CO2 emissions in 2006, up from 36% in 1990 […]

The Need for Climate Engineering Research

This article is in The Need for Geoengineering Research, Fall 2010

Like it or not, a climate emergency is a possibility, and geoengineering could be the only affordable and fast-acting option to avoid a global catastrophe. Climate change triggered by the accumulation of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere has the potential of causing serious and lasting damage to human and natural systems. At today’s atmospheric […]