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This article is in Climate Engineering, Spring 2017

The infrastructure challenge In “Infrastructure and Democracy” (Issues, Winter 2017), Christopher Jones and David Reinecke remind us that infrastructures have historically been inaccessible to many people in the United States, particularly those living in poor and rural communities. By tracing the development of US railroad, electrical, and Internet networks, the authors show that many infrastructures […]


This article is in Global Food Fight, Summer 2001

Energy policy John P. Holdren’s “Searching for a National Energy Policy” (Issues, Spring 2001) is the sort of sound assessment of national energy options that should be reviewed and digested by federal officials as they work to resolve the current energy crisis and plan to move us to a more balanced strategy for future energy […]

Real Numbers

This article is in Information Technology and the Research University, Fall 2005

The federal government and private industry are both reducing their investments in energy research and development (R&D) at a time when geopolitics, environmental concerns, and economic competitiveness call instead for a major expansion in U.S. capacity to innovate in this sector. Although the Bush administration lists energy research as a “highpriority national need” and points […]


This article is in Domestic Security Revisited, Winter 2007

The future of nuclear deterrence Re: “Nuclear Deterrence for the Future” (Thomas C. Schelling, Issues, Fall 2006). I add some comments that derive from my work with nuclear weapon technology and policy since 1950. More can be found at my Web site, Adding to Schelling’s brief sketch of the attitude of various presidents toward […]


This article is in Making Sense of the Adolescent Brain, Spring 2012

More and better U.S. manufacturing Stephen Ezell’s “Revitalizing U.S. Manufacturing” (Issues, Winter 2012) makes two vital points: The United States must not discount the importance of manufacturing to our economy, and we need to employ the types of policies being used in other industrialized nations to nurture small and medium-sized businesses in that sector. The […]