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The History of Eugenics

This article is in Summit on Human Gene Editing, Spring 2016

The human race today stands at a threshold unlike any in the past: it now possesses tools to reshape its own hereditary capacities, perhaps even to realize the dream of eugenicists that human beings might take charge of their own evolution. Over a long time, CRISPR could change the future of humanity, but no one […]

Not a Hundred Millionaires: The National Academy and the Expansion of Federal Science in the Gilded Age

This article is in Science in the Gilded Age and the Birth of NAS, Winter 2013

The creation of NAS was one sign of the expanding government role in support of science and engineering that began during the Civil War and continued to grow in the decades that followed. Shortly before the nation’s centennial, the physicist Joseph Henry, long admired abroad as well as at home, a onetime Princeton professor and […]