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Reconceptualizing Infrastructure in the Anthropocene

This article is in Preparing for the Next Flood, Spring 2018

The growing impact of human activities on all the Earth’s systems requires a concomitant change in the way we design and manage the built environment. A fundamental shift is afoot in the relationship between human and natural systems. It requires a new understanding of what we mean by infrastructure, and thus dramatic changes in the […]

The Future of Meat

This article is in Does Education Pay?, Fall 2013

Just because the first in vitro hamburger cost $335,000 to produce doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start thinking about how factory-grown meat might transform our food system, the environment, and even our culture. On August 5, 2013, the first hamburger grown from stem cells in a laboratory, and not in a cow, was served in London. […]

Universal Conscription as Technology Policy

This article is in The Military of the Future, Winter 2014

In a world where battles are increasingly fought by robotic vehicles and computer malware, national security may not be well-served by a small, culturally homogeneous military. Is it time to bring back the draft? When the broad citizenry delegate the defense of their country to others, whether a small elite or a mercenary force, the […]