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Reshaping Space Policies to Meet Global Trends

This article is in A New Global Environment for Space Policy, Summer 2016

With more countries and private companies expanding their activities in space, the US government must reshape its space agencies and policies. Cooperation and catalysis will be key. The space sector is undergoing a major transformation. Fifty years ago, the United States and the Soviet Union conducted the only significant national space programs, and only a […]

Improving Health in Developing Countries

This article is in Ocean Policy: Time to Act, Fall 2004

Building in-country research capacity is critical to staving off epidemics and finding long-term solutions to critical health needs. International initiatives to combat diseases have proliferated, in some cases dramatically, during the past decade. For example, world spending on HIV/AIDS has increased from $300 million in 1996 to about $5 billion in 2003. President Bush’s Emergency […]