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This article is in Climate Engineering, Spring 2017

The infrastructure challenge In “Infrastructure and Democracy” (Issues, Winter 2017), Christopher Jones and David Reinecke remind us that infrastructures have historically been inaccessible to many people in the United States, particularly those living in poor and rural communities. By tracing the development of US railroad, electrical, and Internet networks, the authors show that many infrastructures […]

Exposing Fracking to Sunlight

This article is in Immigration Policy, Fall 2014

The public needs access to reliable information about the effects of unconventional oil and gas development in order for it to trust that local communities’ concerns won’t be ignored in favor of national and global interests. The recent expansion of oil and natural gas extraction from shale and other tight geological formations—so-called unconventional oil and […]

Book Review: Overfishing

This article is in Elizabeth F. Loftus on Memory Faults and Fixes, Summer 2002

Overfishing From Abundance to Scarcity: A History of U.S. Marine Fisheries Policy, by Michael L. Weber. Washington, D.C.: Island Press, 2002, 320 pp. Andrew A. Rosenberg The environmental issues confronting the United States and the world are varied, huge, and often incredibly complicated: global warming, nutrient runoff and nonpoint source pollution, water quality and overuse, […]


This article is in Computing Solutions to Airline Safety and Other Policy Dilemmas, Winter 2005

Save our seas As Carl Safina and Sarah Chasis point out in their article, “Saving the Oceans” (Issues, Fall 2004), public awareness about the condition of our oceans is growing, in part because of the release of reports by two blue ribbon oceans commissions. Providing a thorough comparison of the two commission reports, the authors […]