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When All Models Are Wrong

This article is in The Military of the Future, Winter 2014

More stringent quality criteria are needed for models used at the science/policy interface, and here is a checklist to aid in the responsible development and use of models. Beware the rise of the government scientists turned lobbyists,” trumpeted the headline on an article by British journalist George Mombiot in the left-leaning newspaper The Guardian, adding […]

Climate Models as Economic Guides: Scientific Challenge or Quixotic Quest?

This article is in A New Model for the American Research University, Spring 2015

The uncertainties associated with mathematical models that assess the costs and benefits of climate change policy options are unknowable. Such models can be valuable guides to scientific inquiry, but they should not be used to guide climate policy decisions. In the polarized climate change debate, cost-benefit analyses of policy options are taking on an increasingly […]