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This article is in Climate and Energy, Summer 2017

Climate engineering The articles in the Spring 2017 Issues by David W. Keith, “Toward a Responsible Solar Geoengineering Research Program,” and Jane C. S. Long, “Coordinated Action against Climate Change: A New World Symphony,” provide informative views into several points of current debate on climate engineering research, its management, and governance. The authors agree on […]

Book Review: Change’s Challengers

This article is in The Energy Transition, Winter 2017

Innovation and Its Enemies: Why People Resist New Technologies by Calestous Juma. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2016, 432 pp. On the one hand, the world is obviously a much better place than it used to be. Don’t take my word for it: the past few years have seen a surge of evidence. Data […]

Book Review: No, Really, Why Are We Waiting?

This article is in Climate and Energy: The Outliers, Winter 2016

Why Are We Waiting? The Logic, Urgency, and Promise of Tackling Climate Change by Nicholas Stern. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2015, 448 pp. British economist Nicholas Stern’s Why Are We Waiting? revolves around an ethical argument he made a decade ago on the economics of climate change in his famous “Stern Review.” Stern pushes […]