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Objects of Wonder

This article is in Incarceration, Fall 2015

Objects of Wonder, curated by David Familian and guest-curator Madeline Schwartzman, brings together a wide range of international artists whose work investigates the mystery and wonder of the everyday world around us. Artists explore biological and physical science themes such as time, light, energy, evolution, and changes of state. They draw upon thermodynamic explosions, asteroidal […]

Rebecca Kamen

This article is in Educating the Worker of the Future, Summer 2015

Rebecca Kamen’s artwork is inspired by the process of scientific discovery. Her investigations of scientific drawings and writings from rarely seen manuscripts form the basis of her artwork. Informed by wide-ranging research into cosmology, history, and philosophy, her work reflects how the ideas of science permeate all areas of human endeavor—including art. Through residencies and […]

Naturally Modified: Ajay Malghan

This article is in Has NIH Lost Its Halo?, Winter 2015

In Naturally Modified, photographer Ajay Malghan makes ordinary food look unfamiliar. A cheeseburger looks like outer space, an orange looks like people dancing, and a carrot looks like the Virgin Mary. The series is a response to the prevalence of foods that are genetically modified and the ubiquity of processed food products. Malghan does not […]