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This article is in Summit on Human Gene Editing, Spring 2016

Purposeful science In “Fact Check: Scientific Research in the National Interest Act” (Issues, Winter 2016), Congressman Lamar Smith critiques the concerns presented by Democrats, scientists, and a number of social science associations about his bill, H.R. 3293. As proposed, the bill confuses the nature of basic science and adds bureaucracy that would impose a layer […]


This article is in Does Education Pay?, Fall 2013

Energy for global development In “Making Energy Access Meaningful,” Morgan Bazilian and Roger Pielke Jr. (Issues, Summer 2013) raise important questions about what we mean by access to electricity. As they note, the World Bank and its 14 partners who designed the Global Tracking Framework (GTF) to measure progress toward the three goals of the […]

Book Review: Bad fiction, worse science

This article is in New Horizons for a Flat World, Winter 2006

Bad fiction, worse science State of Fear by Michael Crichton. New York: Harper Collins, 2004, 624 pp. Alan Miller Michael Crichton has achieved celebrity status as a novelist, film director, and television producer/series creator. Trained as a doctor, Crichton never pursued a medical career but instead successfully combined his interest in science with a talent […]