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Perspective: Philosopher’s Corner: Make Science Great Again

This article is in Infrastructure for a Stormy Future, Winter 2018

Watching the March for Science this past April could give people the feeling that they had traveled back to simpler times. One woman carried a sign that read, “I can’t believe I have to protest for reality.” Another sign read, “Progress in science = Progress for humanity.” It was a throwback to the 1950s, when […]

Making Stories Visible: The Task for Bioethics Commissions

This article is in Energy Update, Winter 2011

Narrative explanations can help us understand difficult scientific issues, but they can also mislead us. Critical skepticism is always appropriate. A little before lunchtime on December 6, 1957, when the United States made its first attempt to match the triumph of Russia’s Sputnik 1 by launching its own Vanguard TV3 satellite into orbit around Earth, […]