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  1. Hrafn

    “But in a culture—Western culture, today—where science and religion are so often cast as irreconcilable combatants, is it simply too obvious an irony to point out that many of the founding thinkers of the Enlightenment (including Newton and Kepler) were highly devout men?”

    Not “too obvious an irony”, but rather too simplistic. Both Newton and Kepler lived in an era when society was pervasively religious and when universities were still primarily religious institutions. That they were devout is therefore merely an indication that they were men of their times, not that there is some inherent sympathy between science and religion.

    “… don’t the many thousands of scientists who nonetheless are believers falsify the idea that there is a state of inherent conflict between science and religion?”

    Given the human capacity for psychological compartmentalisation, I would say emphatically “no”.


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