3 thoughts on “Perspective: It’s Not a War on Science

  1. Cliff Duke

    Nice essay. Just one nit to pick — the National Environmental Policy Act (not Protection) established the Council on Environmental Quality, not the Environmental Protection Agency.

  2. John M. DeCicco

    An excellent and thought-provoking piece. It articulates, in a way I could not as a scientist myself, some of why I’ve felt that the upcoming March for Science is not quite on-point, heartfelt though it is.

    We need to think even more deeply about how to restore broad-based support for government that is
    “of, by and for” the people. Deep inequity, and more recently widespread and well-founded economic discontent, have grown over the past half-century in spite of the now over century-long growth of federal power. I’m not sure that a call for social responsibility plus sustainability will re-empower enough of the American public to act in ways that restore good governance at jurisdictional levels both large and small.

  3. ttt

    “To the disparate wings of the conservative movement that believe that US strength lies in its economic freedoms, its individual liberties, and its business enterprises, one truth binds them all: the federal government has become far too powerful.”

    except for, you know , privacy and abortion rights


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