One thought on “Electric Vehicles: Climate Saviors, or Not?

  1. Mary Mangan

    It’s fine to look at all these different levels, and I see the value in that. But you can also look at the individual level for an even more detailed analysis.

    We know from surveys that many people with EVs have solar on their homes (at least in the US). In fact, this was my process as well: I installed more capacity than I needed with the plan to purchase an EV subsequently. And that’s what I did. Also, I charge it only during sunny days. Because I can.

    EV owners don’t buy these cars on a whim. You have to understand the range issues, and in my experience owners are very conscious of their environmental impact. If they can’t have solar on their own homes, many pay to have green energy support for their homes. The program I bought my car from, “Mass Energy Drive Green” even offers wind sourcing as part of their efforts. Many owners plan to charge at workplace charging stations during the day, when presumably more solar is online.

    So of the broader-brush higher-level evaluations have led to misunderstandings and misinformation about how low emission these vehicles can be. I think there’s more to be considered.


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